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Study reveals NFL players not immune to need for bankruptcy

Land a solid pay check and never worry about finances again -- that is the dream for many people in Washington. Sadly, reality is much more finicky than that, and even those who draw in a steady, high-figure pay check can find themselves on the brink of financial disaster. A recent study found that even professional football players are not immune to this, and many find that bankruptcy is the most appropriate course of action to deal with overwhelming debt. 

Can I keep my car even though I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In many instances a car is much more than a luxury -- it is a necessity. Little to no access to public transportation may mean that, without a vehicle, an individual has no way to get to work or to go grocery shopping for his or her family. For this reason, it is understandable that people in Washington pursuing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for personal debt often need to retain ownership of their vehicles.