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Significant number of Americans surprised by medical debt

Before making an appointment with a physician or scheduling a procedure, the first thing that most patients do is inquire if that institution accepts their health insurance. However, loopholes in health insurance rules can result in consumers being confronted by sky-high bills for procedures that they believed were covered. Unfortunately, medical debt can be tremendously difficult to conquer for Washington residents.

Cancer patients burdened by medical debt may choose bankruptcy

Whether it is a friend with leukemia or an aunt with breast cancer, most people in Washington have been touched by the devastating effects of cancer at some point in their lives. The treatment for cancer can be long and arduous, but for victims and their families, it can be well worth it. However, many victims have another adversary to deal with even after going into remission -- medical debt. Even cancer patients with otherwise good health insurance coverage often find that the dark cloud of debt from their treatment can loom for years after recovering.

Majority of bankruptcies related to medical expense?

A young woman attending college in the state of Washington suffered severe head injuries when she was 10-years-old during a snowmobile accident.  And while she has spent close to half of her life facing various medical procedures and hospitalizations, she is now excelling in college with hopes of attending graduate school.