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Medical debt burdens majority of Americans

The notion that those in debt for medical expenses are uninsured may not be an uncommon presumption in Washington. On the surface it appears to make sense, as the general purpose of health insurance is to absorb the majority of the costs from doctor and hospital visits. Surprisingly, a recent report revealed that most of those struggling with medical debt actually have health insurance but are still struggling due to the crushing debt.

Is medical debt hurting residents of Washington?

It is most likely no secret that many families are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The last recession and housing market collapse, along with a downturn in the job market, has left many people struggling to pay their mortgages or rent, not to mention other essential expenses. Now, another type of financial pressure has been reported to have grown: medical debt. Families in Washington may also be finding that their own medical obligations have added to their monetary demands.

ACA could leave some Washington residents with medical debt

Struggles with finances can come about for any Washington family at any given moment. Unexpected expenses such as medical bills could leave an individual or household dealing with a significant monetary burden. Though insurance can sometimes help alleviate some of the balances associated with medical debt, the Affordable Care Act could leave some parties with high expenses.

Majority of bankruptcies related to medical expense?

A young woman attending college in the state of Washington suffered severe head injuries when she was 10-years-old during a snowmobile accident.  And while she has spent close to half of her life facing various medical procedures and hospitalizations, she is now excelling in college with hopes of attending graduate school.