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Medical Debt Archives

Medical debt need not lead to permanent financial crisis

Washington residents are just like everyone else when it comes to predicting their futures: They are not able to do it. One of the most unpredictable aspects of daily life has to do with physical health. If one makes healthy lifestyle and eating choices, chances are good that one will enjoy many years of good health, although there is no guarantee. When an unexpected health crisis arrives, it can result in tremendous medical debt that those affected are completely unprepared to meet.

Could the proposed health bill lead to more medical debt?

Many Washington residents are aware that the United States Senate is currently considering a new version of the health care bill. The proposed legislation has led to a great deal of debate, as well as concern about how a new system might affect their families. Some experts believe that if the new version passes as written, more people could be vulnerable to high levels of medical debt, and could pay a serious price in terms of their financial and physical health.

The impact of Obamacare on medical debt

A great deal of media attention is in place on the Trump administration's effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Politicians and citizens alike tend to have very strong opinions on the matter, and health care is a topic that is heavily debated both in Washington homes and on Capitol Hill. One aspect of the ACA that is often overlooked, however, is the impact that Obamacare has had on medical debt. Recent research suggests that personal bankruptcy filings are down as a result of the ACA.

Best practices for effectively managing medical debt

Ask many people who have lived through a serious medical event what was the hardest part, and many will say that it was not anything that happened in the hospital or doctor's office, but the resulting debt that followed. Medical debt can be stressful, and it often takes far longer to get out from under those financial obligations than it did to recover from the illness or injury that led to the debt. The following information is offered to Washington residents who are facing serious medical debt, and looking for relief.

Is medical debt as stressful as actually being sick or injured?

Recent research suggests that debt resulting from medical services could be even more stressful than the illness or injury that led to the need for care. That may come as a shock to some Washington readers, but many others will be able to sympathize with the overall results of the study. For those who are living under a heavy burden of medical debt, stress levels can be nearly overwhelming.

Obamacare changes could impact those with medical debt

For those in Washington who have suffered through a serious illness or injury, the process of recovering and moving past that event can be a challenge. For some families, the financial strife that follows a serious medical event is even more difficult to overcome than the condition itself. Very often, even those who have health insurance are faced with a mountain of medical bills, and are often unable to meet all of those medical debt obligations. The end result can be seemingly endless phone calls and letters from bill collectors.

Consumers may find relief from medical debt collectors

Few things are more stressful than experiencing a serious illness or injury. But when the associated bills start rolling in, many people in Washington feel that the stress of the financial burden is worse than being sick. Some will struggle for many years with medical debt, eventually turning to personal bankruptcy in order to find relief from medical debt collectors.

Patients continue to be overwhelmed by growing medical debt

Medical bills, even those that are anticipated, often pose a significant burden for patients seeking care in Washington. Medical debt can even begin to consume some people's lives as they struggle to repay costly bills while also meeting their basic daily needs. For some, bankruptcy is the best solution.

Medical debt can mean higher credit card bills

The Affordable Care Act had a small success alleviating some of the hefty medical bills carried by people in Washington. Still, many people remain burdened by impossibly huge amounts of medical debt. Experts have pinpointed different areas of medical care that tend to produce the highest bills even with medical insurance.

Relief from medical debt collectors more important than ever

It is hard to imagine a world where poor individuals can be sued for not having enough money. Sadly, that is the reality that some people must contend with today. Patients in Washington likely already understand the heavy burden that medical bills create, and for some, that burden is only exacerbated by an already stretched wallet. When creditors turn toward the courts to get more money, many people are desperate to find relief from medical debt collectors.