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There are several ways to approach burgeoning medical debt

Medical debt is a critical problem in the state of Washington just as it is nationwide. Many people with health insurance are negatively impacted by medical debt that they should not owe. In other cases, they may be saddled with legitimate bills that are simply not covered by their medical insurance policies.

A new model for credit bureaus does not give much influence to medical debt. However, that model is not apparently required by law and is not universally applied at this time. There are other tools that one can use to fight medical debt that is hurting one's credit score and causing stressful collections activities. For one thing, the bills can be negotiated with the medical provider, especially where there is no way for the patient to pay without great economic hardship.

In addition, the bills may be inflated unnecessarily or there may be payments that have not been recorded. It is also worth the effort to challenge the bill with the insurance company and demand that they cover it. If it is coverage through one's employer, go through the employer to establish that the insurer's policy is incorrect or burdensome economically on workers.

Remember that a new law keeps medical debt off of one's credit report for 180 days, thus giving the patient time to try and resolve it. When debt is recorded on the credit bureau reports, file disputes with them. At the same time, negotiating with the collector may help. An agreement to should require that they stop reporting or recall the reporting.

These techniques are useful for people who do not get hit with massive medical bills that are impossible to pay. The burdens of insurmountable medical debt can cripple a family economically and emotionally for many years to come. In such situations, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in Washington state will eliminate 100 percent of all unsecured debt without having to make any payments. A person may consult with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney to determine whether he or she is qualified to obtain such medical debt relief and relief and other unsecured debts, such as credit card bills.

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