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April 2018 Archives

State or federal bankruptcy exemptions available in Washington

Washington consumer bankruptcy attorneys are the most knowledgeable professionals to consult when one is struggling with overwhelming consumer debt. With experience in handling many common and not-so-common debt problems over the years, they are well-equipped to explain to an individual or married couple their various options. They will explain whether they qualify for relief, how the bankruptcy system works, and other debt relief measures that may be pursued. Obtaining a consultation with an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney is easy to do, and the meeting is usually offered as a free service.

Chapter 13 payment plan may help consumers to keep their home

Chapter 13 in the state of Washington and elsewhere is the bankruptcy program that provides for a monthly payment plan for an individual or married couple to catch up on their debts over a specified period. It is well-suited to consumer debtors who have sufficient income to fund a payment plan. Chapter 13 is also a valuable tool for those who want to keep their home despite having fallen behind in the payments.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not need to carry any surprises

When an individual or married couple residing in the state of Washington are contemplating filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they usually have many questions about important issues that will affect their lives. The best place for answers is in the office of an experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney. The initial consultation is usually free and the bankruptcy attorney is in effect at the consumers' disposal to answer all their questions.

Bankruptcy can help to regain financial stability

Washington consumers who are overwhelmed by debt might be exploring the options to get back on track. Many people will try all kinds of quick-fixes rather than filing for bankruptcy. However, most of those only cause further spiraling into debt, while bankruptcy can be a remedy. Gaining knowledge about the two options -- Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 -- may be the first step to regaining financial stability.