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Bankruptcy filing stops all creditor collection activities

Many people in the state of Washington have modest debt loads, and some of them may have difficulties in keeping up with the payments. Those kinds of moderate financial struggles are common, and people usually find a way to stay on top of their financial challenges. For some individuals and families, however, there may be a variety of setbacks that have caused them to have insurmountable debt loads that cannot be handled on their present income. Those persons may find the federal bankruptcy remedy to be a life-saving chance to get back on the road to financial independence.

The stress of being constantly dunned by aggressive creditors nearly every day of the week is a pressure that wears on a sincere individual or a married couple and their family. If they don't buckle from that pressure, they may have a different reaction when a major creditor takes the drastic step of suing in court for money damages owed on the account. It is that kind of pressure that demands a solution for sincere, hard-working people who innocently get caught up in the financial crunch.

After all, even fully employed and insured people can run into problems like a layoff at work or a disabling health condition. Consumer bankruptcy attorneys nationwide uniformly report that their clients are sincere, industrious workers who have always paid their bills. Something unfortunate developed to keep them trapped in a financial conundrum, and they are acting in good faith to seek a resolution and a second chance.

When a consumer bankruptcy is filed, the petition is stamped with a court order called the automatic stay. That order protects the filer and prohibits any further collection activities. The automatic stay stops the constant badgering and leads ultimately to a fresh start. In Washington State and the rest of the country, there are two types of bankruptcy for middle-class working persons. It is not something to choose without investigation, and the best way to make an informed decision is to first meet with a qualified consumer bankruptcy attorney.

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