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Repairing credit score damage during debt relief efforts

Very often, Washington residents take an overly narrow focus in regard to managing their debt. Once the decision is made to seek debt relief, attention turns to the steps required to complete that process. While this is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, consumers may also want to consider addressing credit repair at the same time.

The first step in the credit repair process is to secure copies of all three credit reports. Highlighter in hand, go ever each report carefully, noting any errors or inaccuracies. Include basic information such as address history and employment information, as well as accounts that should no longer be included in the reports. Next, determine the dispute process for each of the three credit bureaus.

Don't be shy about disputing each and every piece of information that is inaccurate or outdated. Each bureau has a procedure in place to allow consumers to challenge items listed in their credit history. Determine how that procedure is initiated and begin the process in a timely manner. Be sure to keep a written record of all credit repair efforts, so that important dates and deadlines are documented. 

Faced with overwhelming debt, many Washington residents will turn all of their attention toward seeking debt relief. Viewed from a long-term perspective, however, working to rebuild credit scores while also evaluating debt relief options is a great way to rebuild one's financial stability. Fortunately, credit repair is a pursuit that shows demonstrable results in a relatively short period of time, which can be encouraging to people who have felt overwhelmed by debt for many years.

Source:, "How to File a Dispute With the Credit Bureaus", Adam Levy, Oct. 12, 2017

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