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August 2017 Archives

Prioritizing student loans in relation to credit card debt

Faced with serious debt issues, many Washington residents are uncertain how to proceed. They may be acutely aware that they need to embark on a path toward debt management, but knowing where to begin is another matter entirely. When considering various options, one of the most important things for people with student loans to consider is how to prioritize those debts in relation to credit card debt.

Know your rights when speaking with credit card debt collectors

Receiving calls from debt collection agencies is not something that anyone looks forward to. By the time debt collectors come calling, Washington residents are usually deeply mired in debt. As they struggle to regain control of their finances, dealing with aggressive or misleading debt collection agencies over credit card debt is just one more source of stress. When interacting with debt collectors, it is important to understand the consumer protections that are in place.

How debt relief could make finding love a little bit easier

Living with high levels of debt is difficult, and can impact many different areas of a person's life. For some people, excessive debt can even have a negative impact on their ability to find love and build a lasting relationship. Most Washington residents know that money management is one of the top causes of contention between partners. What many fail to recognize is that a lack of debt relief can mark someone as a "bad bet" when it comes to choosing a mate.

Foreclosure scam results in prison sentences for 3 men

For many Washington residents, owning their own home is the culmination of a long held goal. A great deal of pride comes from purchasing a home of one's own, and when that home is threatened due to financial pressures, the stress can be unbearable. Many homeowners will go to great lengths to keep their property out of foreclosure, and that leaves them vulnerable to many different types of scams.

How Chapter 7 bankruptcy will impact a 401(k) account

Reaching the decision to seek bankruptcy protection is never a simple or easy matter. For many in Washington, there are a number of considerations that come into play, including how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will impact their retirement savings. The following information is offered in the hopes of clarifying how these retirement savings vehicles will be affected by the decision to seek debt relief through bankruptcy.