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July 2017 Archives

Is the human brain to blame for credit card debt?

For many people in Washington who find themselves in serious debt, the manner in which they got to that point is not always clear. Even well-educated, competent and otherwise successful individuals can become mired in credit card debt, often with little understanding of how those balances grew so high, so quickly. According to a recent article on the psychology of debt, it may be that the human brain is simply unable to fully comprehend the concept of credit, which can lead to trouble.

Tips to help young people achieve lasting debt relief

Struggling under a mountain of debt is a difficult way to live and is a major source of stress for many Washington Millennials. Young people often find that they have accumulated a large volume of debt through borrowing to fund an education, addressing medical emergencies or simply overspending and relying too heavily on credit. Once the situation becomes untenable, many will search for ways to find lasting debt relief. The following tips are offered in the hopes of building habits that will relieve financial pressure and promote stability.

How to maintain financial stability after personal bankruptcy

When a Washington family faces the need for bankruptcy relief, the immediate concern of everyone involved is to find a way to put an end to the unbearable mountain of debt. Very often, little thought is given to how life will look after personal bankruptcy, although many people worry about how their lives might change. In reality, there are many ways that life can improve once a personal bankruptcy is complete. Understanding how to alter one's spending and saving habits is one way to make the most out of this fresh start, and to find a lifetime of new horizons.

Could the proposed health bill lead to more medical debt?

Many Washington residents are aware that the United States Senate is currently considering a new version of the health care bill. The proposed legislation has led to a great deal of debate, as well as concern about how a new system might affect their families. Some experts believe that if the new version passes as written, more people could be vulnerable to high levels of medical debt, and could pay a serious price in terms of their financial and physical health.