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May 2017 Archives

New economic statistics suggest need for debt relief

Washington residents may be aware of recently released statistics concerning the total level of household debt among American consumers. It is estimated that total household debt has reached a new high of $12.7 trillion. That level is higher than the total debt held in 2008 at the beginning of the collapse of the global financial system, and could mean that debt relief is a growing need for many households.

The impact of Obamacare on medical debt

A great deal of media attention is in place on the Trump administration's effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Politicians and citizens alike tend to have very strong opinions on the matter, and health care is a topic that is heavily debated both in Washington homes and on Capitol Hill. One aspect of the ACA that is often overlooked, however, is the impact that Obamacare has had on medical debt. Recent research suggests that personal bankruptcy filings are down as a result of the ACA.

Helping seniors find swift, lasting relief from bill collectors

As many Washington residents move through their lives, they envision their retirement years as a chance to slow down and take the time to enjoy their family and their hobbies. After all, many people work hard for the bulk of their adulthood, setting aside their own interests to support their family and making sacrifices to move ahead in the workplace. Reaching retirement should be a welcome change of pace, and not a source of new types of stress. However, that is the reality for some older Americans who are plagued with high levels of debt, and in need of relief from bill collectors and other financial pressures.

Best practices for effectively managing medical debt

Ask many people who have lived through a serious medical event what was the hardest part, and many will say that it was not anything that happened in the hospital or doctor's office, but the resulting debt that followed. Medical debt can be stressful, and it often takes far longer to get out from under those financial obligations than it did to recover from the illness or injury that led to the debt. The following information is offered to Washington residents who are facing serious medical debt, and looking for relief.