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April 2017 Archives

Reasons to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Most Americans are aware that there is a legal path out of crushing levels of debt. For most people, that path lies in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While filing for bankruptcy is never a decision that should be made lightly, there are a number of reasons why bankruptcy is a good option for many Washington residents. The following points focus on the pros and cons of this course of action, in the hopes of making the decision on whether to file easier for individuals and families.

The number one tip for avoiding debt after bankruptcy

Each and every year, thousands of Washington residents find relief from overwhelming levels of debt. For many, that path is through personal bankruptcy, which can lead to the discharge of many types of consumer debt, including credit card debt. In the years that follow bankruptcy, it is absolutely essential that individuals understand how they got into debt in the first place, so that they are able to avoid sinking back into financial turmoil. Acknowledging past choices and making changes to current behavior is key to achieving lasting financial stability.

Debt relief can help avoid student loan default

For many Washington residents, college graduation is an event that is marked by both pride and anxiety. A shifting economy and uncertain job market has many new graduates concerned about how they will put their degree to work. Others are worried about covering their student loan debt, and unsure when they will find a job that pays enough to cover monthly living expenses and debt service. It is not uncommon for recent graduates to seek out debt relief options as they struggle to avoid defaulting on their student loans.

Is loan consolidation the right debt relief choice?

Facing down a huge pile of debt is never an easy situation. For some Washington residents, the need for debt relief is urgent. Unfortunately, being faced with an urgent need often leaves individuals vulnerable to scams. An entire industry has been constructed around the need to achieve lasting debt relief. That said, not all of those companies operate using ethical principles.