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Tips for finding swift relief from bill collectors

One of the most stressful things about living under a heavy burden of debt is having to deal with aggressive debt collectors. The stress that comes from fielding numerous phone calls each and every week can really take a toll over time, and can have a negative impact on a Washington resident's ability to lead a happy and healthy life. Making matters even worse, some of those calls might not even be in regard to legitimate debts. There are methods available to find relief from bill collectors.

Scammers often target consumers who have good credit, but who have fallen into financial difficulty. They know that these people are making a sincere effort to pay down their debt, and are also interested in maintaining and protecting their credit score. That provides an attractive target for those who are hoping to profit from the misfortune of others.

Perhaps the best way to avoid falling victim to a debt collections scam is to avoid interacting with any debt collector over the phone. Consumers have the right to ask that debt collectors send debt verification through the mail. Taking that approach lowers the risk of providing one's personal or financial information to a potential scammer.

For some in Washington, efforts to repay debt over time will not lead to the swift and lasting debt relief that is desired. In addition, many consumers are overwhelmed by their financial scenario, and are in need of immediate relief from bill collectors. Filing for personal bankruptcy may offer a better path toward a fresh financial start, as well as the elimination of debt collection calls and letters.

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