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January 2017 Archives

Seeking debt relief? Choose the right financial advisor

Living under a heavy burden of debt can be incredibly stressful. Many Washington residents will go to great lengths to climb out from under a mountain of debt. One common debt relief approach is to work with a financial advisor to gain control over one's finances. Unfortunately, not all advisors have their client's best interests at heart.

Consumers may find relief from medical debt collectors

Few things are more stressful than experiencing a serious illness or injury. But when the associated bills start rolling in, many people in Washington feel that the stress of the financial burden is worse than being sick. Some will struggle for many years with medical debt, eventually turning to personal bankruptcy in order to find relief from medical debt collectors.

Are there positive aspects of Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

When Most Washington consumers think about their debt relief options, they view the matter through a very limited scope. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often viewed as an absolute last ditch option, to be avoided at all costs. In fact, many people will spend several years and many thousands of dollars trying to regain control over their finances, only to eventually end up filing for bankruptcy protection. It is important to take a fair and objective view of the matter, and to look at the upsides of personal bankruptcy.

Social media complicates consumer bankruptcy cases

Most Washington residents are aware that the picture perfect image that many people display on Facebook is far from reality. Lots of social media users create a carefully curated glimpse into their lives, intended to give a distinct impression. In some cases, that impression is intended to convey wealth, even after an individual has filed for consumer bankruptcy. That can create problems for the professionals who manage bankruptcy cases.