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Fighting zombies and credit card debt

Few things are more distressing to Washington residents that an overwhelming mountain of debt. Of course, one of those things might be having to fight zombies. Combine the two, and you have zombie credit card debt, a serious matter that is well worth a fight.

Zombie debts are those that should have dropped off of an individual's credit score yet remain in place. Because they are unable to be "killed," they are known as zombies. Most consumers are aware that collections accounts that have passed a certain date range are supposed to be purged from one's credit record. When those debts remain longer than they should, the result can be a lowered credit score and difficulty obtaining new lines of credit.

In order to fight zombie credit card debt, the first step involves gathering information. Determine the date of last activity for each old account. Then, calculate the length of time that has passed since that activity took place. Check to ensure that the statute of limitations has passed for collecting that debt. If so, contact the credit reporting agencies that are reporting the zombie debt and ask that those accounts be removed from the credit report.

Cleaning up one's credit requires a degree of time and effort. For many Washington residents who have recently gone through or are planning to file for personal bankruptcy, credit repair and restoration is a top priority for the months and years ahead. Addressing zombie credit card debt is an important step in ensuring that an individual's credit score is a proper reflection of his or her recent use of credit.

Source: Forbes, "How To Remove Zombie Debt And Increase Your Credit Score", Ginger Dean, Nov. 29, 2016

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