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November 2016 Archives

Making monthly debt more affordable via Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Many people in Washington believe that filing for bankruptcy is the end of the world. While there are several ways to reduce one's monthly payments, filing for Chapter 13 may be the best way based upon a person's unique situation. A recent article describes the various ways to consolidate debt.

Things to consider when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When many people begin to investigate the different types of bankruptcy protection and debt relief, it can become quickly evident that the options are varied and complex. Depending on a person's unique situation, the best "fit" with regard to debt relief can vary. A recent article describes some ways for those in Washington to evaluate if filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right option.

Understanding debt relief and Chapter 11 bankruptcy

There are many types of bankruptcy that a person may consider when seeking relief from debt. One type that may be familiar to some people is Chapter 11, though if asked, few may know exactly what this form of bankruptcy entails. It may be beneficial for those facing difficult financial situations in Washington to have a basic understanding of this type of debt relief.

Tips to avoid personal bankruptcy

When many people consider bankruptcy, they often believe that it is akin to the "Get Out of Jail Free" card in Monopoly. While there are many valid reasons to consider declaring personal bankruptcy, it is also important to understand the ramifications of doing so. Those in Washington considering this path may want to consider some tips that can assist them in placing themselves in the best financial positions prior to seeking bankruptcy protection.