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Stop creditor harassment and handle debt by filing for bankruptcy

Consumers with considerable amounts of debt often feel a great deal of guilt and shame regardless of how they accumulated the debt. While these are both difficult with which to deal with, perhaps one of the worst aspects of falling behind on payments is what lies on the other end of a phone line. For many Washington debtors, finding a solution to stop creditor harassment is just as important as handling their actual debt.

Meeting basic needs, such as food and housing, can be difficult enough as is without the added pressure of debt that a person cannot afford. Ongoing creditor harassment can even force consumers to make devastating decisions between making a past-due minimum balance or buying groceries for the week. Most creditors do not stop at one payment either and continue to call multiple times a day in order to essentially shake debtors down for additional payments.

There is a simple and quick solution to stop those calls -- filing for bankruptcy. While the actual bankruptcy procedure can be understandably complex, collection agencies are immediately forbidden from making collection efforts. This means no more calls, letters or other types of communication can be made in an effort to get an individual to pay with money that they likely do not have. Filing for bankruptcy can also halt the process of foreclosure.

Even for Washington consumers who are unsure of the type of bankruptcy for which they should file, -- either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 -- they can still determine that bankruptcy is appropriate to stop creditor harassment. Our dedication to bankruptcy law allows us to help those who are uncertain when it comes to bankruptcy filings and how the different Chapters might affect their futures. Still need more information? You can find it here, on our website.

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