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September 2016 Archives

Patients continue to be overwhelmed by growing medical debt

Medical bills, even those that are anticipated, often pose a significant burden for patients seeking care in Washington. Medical debt can even begin to consume some people's lives as they struggle to repay costly bills while also meeting their basic daily needs. For some, bankruptcy is the best solution.

Congress sits out on growing student loans, credit card debt

Attending college is practically a given for most young adults in Washington, but the cost of earning a higher education is putting many of them in compromised financial positions. Consumer credit card debt is an unavoidable burden for many students and even graduates. For some, this debt poses a seemingly immovable obstacle to bigger goals in life.

Repayment plans often less effective than choosing bankruptcy

Consumers in Washington rarely choose to purposely put themselves further into overwhelming debt, and instead usually find that emergency after emergency forces them into these types of difficult situations. Still, many feel a deep sense of guilt and responsibility related to their debt, making choosing bankruptcy a difficult task. Debt management programs are often advertised as sound alternatives to bankruptcy, but they might actually be doing more harm than good.