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Choosing bankruptcy might seem like a mostly straightforward choice, but it can be an incredibly complex decision to make. Consumers are typically already overwhelmed by the barrage of collection notices in their mailboxes and the incredibly mentally taxing process of trying to pay down debt while also fielding calls from creditors. While consumer bankruptcy is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, it can certainly be an incredibly valuable tool for effectively handling debt.

Which type of bankruptcy a Washington consumer files for depends on his or her individual situation. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is fairly effective at completely discharging most consumer debts, although back taxes and overdue child support are typically not eligible to be erased. However, consumers can often retain ownership of their vehicle or even their home provided that they continue to make the necessary payments. When other debts are effectively erased through Chapter 7, making mortgage payments in order to retain a secure housing situation can be much more easily achieved.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides different options to consumers looking to effectively handle their debt. Allowing for the reorganization of debt, this option is usually for individuals who do not have enough debt to qualify for Chapter 7, but who still need a reprieve from an out-of-control situation. Reorganizing debt creates a payment plan based on either a three or five-year period. Any debt leftover upon the completion of the payment plan will effectively be discharged.

It is not always clear which type of consumer bankruptcy would best benefit a consumer who is struggling to repay his or her debt. Our experience on the matter has allowed us to advise our Washington clients who come to us seeking help. With the right know-how, our firm has effectively stopped harassing creditors and helped debtors create new, financially stable lives.

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