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May 2016 Archives

We have the expertise to help with your consumer bankruptcy

Choosing bankruptcy might seem like a mostly straightforward choice, but it can be an incredibly complex decision to make. Consumers are typically already overwhelmed by the barrage of collection notices in their mailboxes and the incredibly mentally taxing process of trying to pay down debt while also fielding calls from creditors. While consumer bankruptcy is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, it can certainly be an incredibly valuable tool for effectively handling debt.

Choosing bankruptcy can help address Washington residents' debts

With trillions of dollars in debts, maxed-out credit cards and missed bills, the state of Washington residents' financial outlook is not exactly optimistic. Critics tend to disparage debtors, claiming that people simply need to learn to live within their means. While it might be nice to envision a simple reason behind ballooning debt, such a vision does not make it easier for those who are considering choosing bankruptcy because of suffering from student loans, hefty mortgages and medical bills.

Relief from medical debt collectors more important than ever

It is hard to imagine a world where poor individuals can be sued for not having enough money. Sadly, that is the reality that some people must contend with today. Patients in Washington likely already understand the heavy burden that medical bills create, and for some, that burden is only exacerbated by an already stretched wallet. When creditors turn toward the courts to get more money, many people are desperate to find relief from medical debt collectors.

When is Chapter 13 bankruptcy the right choice for you?

As Washington readers know, some financial struggles develop over time, while other spring up seemingly overnight. No matter the nature of your financial difficulties, when savings have been depleted and bills amount to more than you make in a month, you may feel that you are out of viable options. Fortunately, there are legal options available to you, including the option of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.