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April 2016 Archives

Debt relief for student loans could be easier in the near future

Some of the biggest debts currently carried by people in Washington are also some of the most difficult to get rid of. The intense burden created by student loans is familiar to the vast majority of students who attend college, regardless of whether they actually graduated. Now, as one father might achieve debt relief for his $200,000 in student loans, hope could be on the horizon for many.

Patients choose between life-saving care and medical debt

The rising cost of health care is a burden on the minds of most people in Washington, as even the healthiest patients struggle with insurance costs and co-payments. The situation can be even more dire for individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own health insurance but who are also not eligible for any type of Medicaid. These people often face dehumanizing choices, such as whether to seek necessary treatment and take on insurmountable medical debt or forego life-saving care.

Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin seeks bankruptcy protection

Overwhelming amounts of consumer debt can affect virtually anyone in Washington. No matter a person's income or one's best efforts to stay on top of monthly payments, consumer debt can become an insurmountable beast. Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin is perhaps an appropriate example of how debt can affect anyone at any time. She recently filed for bankruptcy, citing millions of dollars in debt.

Harassing efforts to collect credit card debt affecting military

Politicians often make a point of discussing military members and veterans and the great value that they provide, but does that talk actually translate to reality? According to data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), it does not. Washington state military families struggling with credit card debt and other past due pills are increasingly filing complaints about aggressive creditors.

Private student loans could get easier to discharge in bankruptcy

Historically, discharging student loans in bankruptcy has been a difficult task, albeit not impossible. However, a recent ruling could have positive implications for Washington college graduates carrying enormous amounts of debt. In the future, bankruptcy could be a more viable option than ever for handling student loans.