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Take control of your debt with Chapter 13

Have you ever thought "If I could just catch a break on these few different bills, I could get caught up?" This thought process might be more common than you think, and there is a legal course of action that can help that thought come to life. When the debt, monthly payments and constant phone calls interfere with a person's honest yearning to simply pay bills, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a viable option.

Chapter 13 is often seen as an alternative for Washington debtors who, for various reasons, do not actually qualify for a Chapter 7 filing. While this is true in some cases, others simply find that a Chapter 13 has certain advantages that they find appealing. Maintaining ownership of larger assets -- like a personal vehicle or even a home -- tend to top the list of appealing benefits for those seeking debt relief through bankruptcy.

Additionally, where Chapter 7 seeks to totally wipe out a person's debt, Chapter 13 serves as an alternative where debtors can actually pay back some of what they owe. Contrary to a popular misconception, some debts actually can be discharged through a Chapter 13 proceeding. With some of the debt discharged and some of it greatly lessened, creating a payment plan with easy and obtainable goals can be a breeze.

While other factors are considered, the ability to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy often hinges on debt owed and available income. Aside from the listed benefits above, some Washington debtors might prefer to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy before their debt balloons to the point of requiring relief through more drastic measures. Still, we understand how confusing the world of bankruptcy can be, and have dedicated our knowledge on the subject to guiding our clients toward the best possible course of action for their personal situations.

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