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February 2015 Archives

Bankruptcy often influenced by medical debt

Some tragedies in life are simply unavoidable, no matter how many safety precautions a person may take. Unfortunately, emergencies can push people in Washington into mountains of debt that don't have any foreseeable end. Medical debt in particular can be especially devastating to those who are struggling to pay off their debt.

Increase in personal debt may call for bankruptcy

When surveying a Washington individual's financial state, personal debt can be a tricky factor. For some people it can be a creeping progression that inches up week by week or paycheck by paycheck, as in some places the cost of living skyrockets while income remains stagnant. For others, a single emergency or catastrophe can plunge an otherwise financially literate person into the depths of debt. In some instances, bankruptcy can be the most appropriate path to debt relief.

Popular Bitcoin mining company Cointerra Inc. seeks bankruptcy

The online currency Bitcoin may not be exactly mainstream yet, but its popularity has apparently been growing among some populations of online users in Washington and across the world. With the rise in use of Bitcoin, so-called mining companies began forming to manufacture and distribute application-specific integrated circuits -- ASIC -- to Bitcoin users. However, the popular mining company Cointerra Inc. recently filed for bankruptcy amid customer complaints about its product.

Can I keep my car even though I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

In many instances a car is much more than a luxury -- it is a necessity. Little to no access to public transportation may mean that, without a vehicle, an individual has no way to get to work or to go grocery shopping for his or her family. For this reason, it is understandable that people in Washington pursuing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for personal debt often need to retain ownership of their vehicles.