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November 2014 Archives

Agency fines used car dealer over loan collection efforts

Four years ago, Senator Elizabeth Warren advocated for the creation of a new agency to help protect consumers from predatory lenders. The agency, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has now fined a used car dealership over its loan collection efforts. While this particular dealership does not have locations in Washington, residents here may have financed cars through similar businesses.

When healthcare results in crushing medical debt, you need help

There are some things that money cannot buy, such as happiness and family relationships. Most other things in life come with a cost, including healthcare. Many Washington families struggle with medical debt in addition to other ongoing expenses.

Consumer debt preventing many from entering housing market

The American dream usually consists of a perfect home with a white picket fence. Unfortunately, that dream is a reality for the lowest number of homeowners since 1987. A recent study conducted by RealtyTrac seems to point to various types of consumer debt as a potential cause for the low numbers. Prospective home buyers in Washington may be held back for this same reason.

Suggestions to help eliminate credit card debt

A 2014 survey regarding the average debt load found that a typical family carries approximately $5,700 in debt. The majority of that debt is comprised of credit card debt and excludes car loans, mortgages and education loans. Many Washington families are struggling to support heavy debt and may be seeking a solution for their own financial burdens.