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October 2014 Archives

Overcharges cause search for relief from medical debt collectors

The cost of medical care has been a hotly debated topic in the United States over the past few years. Although lawmakers have taken steps to attempt to lower medical costs for consumers, it turns out that many people may still being charged high prices for medical care in Washington and other states in the nation. This has caused many to seek lasting relief from medical debt collectors.

Research and compare if looking for debt consolidation solutions

The Federal Reserve reported that the debt load supported by United States consumers is more than $3.20 trillion. In light of these figures, it is no surprise that many consumers may seek a debt consolidation loan in an attempt to reduce their monthly obligations. Washington residents who are considering this option might also consider the advantages of a Chapter 13 filing.

The advantages a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide for families

Few things in life are worse than living with insurmountable debt. There may be many Washington families struggling to keep the lights on while debt continues to eat away at their earnings. For many, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide a way out of financial red ink.

Cancer patients often battle medical debt along with the illness

Cancer is one of  those words that strikes fear in the heart of every patient who hears it. What many probably don't consider is that the medical debt that can result is often as financially devastating as the physical harm. Washington families may be struggling to recover from the effects of the disease as well as the monetary fallout in its wake.

Choosing bankruptcy can open new opportunities in the future

People who find themselves mired in debt do have some resolutions to consider. Consumers who are struggling to manage debt while fearing wage garnishments or other collection actions may benefit from researching how bankruptcy protection might ease their worries. There are a number of Washington families who have benefited from these important financial protection options.