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August 2014 Archives

Allegedly fraudulent debt relief company shut down by court

When a family is mired in overwhelming debt, it may be tempting to look for a possible solution no matter the source. However, there are some ill-reputable debt relief companies that seek only to profit from the financial woes of others. Washington families that are struggling with debt may have heard about the company that was recently temporarily closed down.

Vehicle loan debt may become issue when new loans increase

A recent report has shown that there are now more new automobile loans than there have been over the past eight years. This, in turn, may lead to increasing difficulty for some consumers who have taken on new vehicle loan debt. Some families in Washington may already be struggling to juggle their current debt loads.

Coming changes in credit scoring may aid those with medical debt

Washington residents work hard to provide for their families and maintain an acceptable credit rating. However, no matter how well-prepared a family may be, medical debt can often undo all that had been accomplished. New changes in the way credit is scored may actually help some of these families.

Sometimes buying a home may lead to need for bankruptcy

The American Dream was once said to be having the perfect home and the white picket fence. In today's world, however, the choice to purchase a home may lead to compounding future debt problems and may cause the consumer to research the options provided by a bankruptcy. Washington residents may choose to consider their own financial well-being before deciding to pursue a mortgage loan.