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Suggestions for lessening medical debt from medication costs

When necessary, patients often have to plan for a stop at their neighborhood pharmacy right after leaving an appointment at the doctor's office. However, for far too many people, the choice between purchasing their prescribed medication or adding to increasing medical debt can be a difficult one. Understandably, there are many Washington consumers facing this dilemma.

Here are a few suggestions for helping those who may be struggling to pay for their medications. Avoid using credit to purchase medications, since this only adds to the final price. When appropriate, challenge the initial denial of an insurance claim and fight for coverage. Check into financial assistance programs offered by hospitals as these opportunities may help alleviate some of the costs.

Investigate the different options for health insurance coverage in Washington. Moreover, actively negotiate the price for medical needs. Request generic medications instead of brand name products. Sometimes, a drug maker is willing to reduce the cost of prescriptions based on need. Finally, purchasing medications through the mail may be more cost-effective than buying from conventional pharmacies.

Health is a precious commodity. The price for restoring or maintaining it should not come at the expense of economic wellbeing. Nevertheless, some Washington consumers may find that they are simply unable to get a handle on medical debt that has simply become too much to handle. Bankruptcy protection often offers individuals and families the opportunity to meet these challenges head-on in a manner that creates a new foundation for financial stability and peace of mind.

Source: CNBC, "Tips to avoid bankruptcy from prescription drugs", Dan Mangan, May 28, 2014

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