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May 2014 Archives

Halsey Minor sells horse ranch for bankruptcy proceedings

In the ongoing struggle that CNET founder, Halsey Minor, has endured since he first encountered financial difficulties, the court-appointed trustee has now been able to sell-off his horse farm. The decision was made as part of his personal bankruptcy proceedings in order to liquidate funds to pay some of his creditors. Mr. Minor does not reside in Washington, although many readers may be interested in following the story.

Some companies experience limits on loan collection efforts

The majority of people who work in the field of collections most likely don't share that information with just anyone, since many have a negative connotation toward such a the job. That feeling may be justified in some situations since some involved in loan collection efforts have been known to engage in harassment and verbal abuse. There may be many residents in Washington who have suffered similar abuse from nagging and relentless calls for payment.

Would the gift of credit lead to too much credit card debt?

When children arrive at the momentous milestone of graduation, many parents may wonder what makes an appropriate gift. One question posed was whether the gift of credit would be a sound choice. However, it is important to ensure that a family doesn't incur too much credit card debt in the process. Washington families may benefit from reading about some of the pros and cons of gifting a child with credit.

Is medical debt taking a toll on Washington residents?

New information compiled from patients throughout America shows that one of the biggest stresses on family budgets is not credit card debt or even housing expenses, as many may believe. The mounting pressure on many families is the ever-growing problem of medical debt. Families across Washington and in other states may be finding that they, too, are becoming ill from the costs of getting sick.