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Washington residents may find debt relief in bankruptcy

In the current economy, many people have struggled to stay on top of bills and expenses. Washington residents have possibly experienced many of these same problems. Economic hardship can strike anyone for a variety of reasons, including job losses, unexpected medical bills or family break-up. Even the best planners can find that they are facing extreme pressure when expenses are out of their control. It is at these times that filing for bankruptcy can bring the much needed relief that cannot be found by other methods.

Recently, an article was published that contained suggestions for those who are struggling with delinquent debt. While some of the included hints were possibly common knowledge, others may have been less well-known. The author was clear about one important point; collection agencies and creditors' phone contacts and written correspondence should never be ignored. Every attempt should be made to open lines of communication with those to whom a debt is allegedly owed.

Other topics discussed in the article dealt with telling a collection agent that phone conversations will be recorded, if such an action is legal in the consumer's state. Doing so may ensure that the creditor will conduct themselves in a civil manner. Also, debtors are encouraged to protect private financial information and not allow collectors free access to bank accounts. One other suggestion was using registered mail whenever sending debt-related correspondence through the postal agency. This service will confirm that documents were received in a timely fashion.

The article made an effort to provide consumers with information concerning how to handle collection efforts. However, sometimes these types of articles, regardless of how thorough, will be unable to provide enough assistance. Many consumers may be feeling suffocated under debt, such as medical bills and credit cards and they find that they are no longer able to stay afloat in spite of their best efforts. It is in these situations that Washington residents could seek information on filing for bankruptcy. Families that make this decision may be at the beginning of obtaining a fresh start and finding stable financial ground once again.

Source: Fox Business, "10 Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors, Collection", Fred O. Williams, Apr. 2, 2014

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