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Tips about credit card debt may help Washington residents

As a result of the recent economic difficulties in our nation, many Washington residents may be struggling to cope with growing expenses and other financial obligations. Possibly compounding their troubles could be crippling credit card debt, which many have incurred as a result of trying to make ends meet during the recession. An online publication has put forth some suggestions to try to help consumers reduce their debt burden.

The tips encompassed some possibly well-known tips as well as some that could be new. The first suggestion that consumers could put into practice, if they aren't already using them, is to pinpoint where all of their household income is going. Once all necessary expenditures are accounted for, it may be possible to free up extra money by reducing optional expenses. Another tip is to transfer some of the higher interest bearing debt to a lower-cost card.

Other suggestions included leaving credit cards behind when a consumer goes out. Not having access to the card may help people avoid the temptation of spending more money than they intend. Other ideas included possibly taking from savings on a limited, temporary basis to try to pay down debt or possibly trying to earn extra money from turning a skilled hobby into a paying occupation on the side.

While many of the suggestions could work well for some consumers, they may not be enough help for those coping with overwhelming credit card debt. Some Washington consumers may be so overextended that they might have no reasonable expectation of getting their debt down to a manageable level on their own. For those who find that they are unable to keep their heads above water, they may wish to educate themselves on the possibility of filing for bankruptcy protection. Taking this action may enable them to take the first positive step toward a brighter economic future.

Source:, "6 Ways to Pay Off $600 or $6,000 in Credit Card Debt", Holly Perez, April 10, 2014

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