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April 2014 Archives

Could debt consolidation plans help Washington students?

Seeking a college degree takes time, hard work, commitment and money -- and not always in that order. Frequently, college students in Washington and every other state leave with more than the desired sheepskin; they may also have accumulated a heavy debt load through loans and card debt. Students may find that they benefit by having a financial attack curriculum -- which could include debt consolidation -- in place before they graduate.

Tips about credit card debt may help Washington residents

As a result of the recent economic difficulties in our nation, many Washington residents may be struggling to cope with growing expenses and other financial obligations. Possibly compounding their troubles could be crippling credit card debt, which many have incurred as a result of trying to make ends meet during the recession. An online publication has put forth some suggestions to try to help consumers reduce their debt burden.

Is medical debt hurting residents of Washington?

It is most likely no secret that many families are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The last recession and housing market collapse, along with a downturn in the job market, has left many people struggling to pay their mortgages or rent, not to mention other essential expenses. Now, another type of financial pressure has been reported to have grown: medical debt. Families in Washington may also be finding that their own medical obligations have added to their monetary demands.

Washington residents may find debt relief in bankruptcy

In the current economy, many people have struggled to stay on top of bills and expenses. Washington residents have possibly experienced many of these same problems. Economic hardship can strike anyone for a variety of reasons, including job losses, unexpected medical bills or family break-up. Even the best planners can find that they are facing extreme pressure when expenses are out of their control. It is at these times that filing for bankruptcy can bring the much needed relief that cannot be found by other methods.

Debt relief: agency warns against payday loans

A federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, may soon be working to change some of the fees and time constraints associated with so-called pay advance loans. After being deluged with complaints from consumers regarding these types of loans, the agency believes that new guidelines may be needed in order to prevent people from being bogged down with relentless debt. In the meantime, residents of Washington who may be searching for debt relief could possibly benefit from the information that has been published about this particular loan product.