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March 2014 Archives

How does bankruptcy affect your ability to buy a home?

Many Washington residents may be wondering how bankruptcy can be a viable option for them, but they are concerned about the long-term effects that it may have on their personal finances. Some consumers may not realize that filing for bankruptcy does not actually have to hinder their ability to purchase a home. In fact, bankruptcy may be one of the best ways to achieve debt relief.

Seeking debt relief, famous restaurant chain chooses bankruptcy

The famous restaurant chain Quiznos has entered bankruptcy looking for debt relief. The company is seeking a complete financial restructuring that could help eliminate approximately $400 million in debt. Seeking debt relief was necessary for the company as more sandwich competitors have opened up restaurant locations.

Choosing bankruptcy best option for Sbarro pizza chain

The precarious financial situation of the nationwide pizza chain Sbarro is an example of how choosing bankruptcy can be a viable choice in certain situations. The restaurant has chosen this path as a way to financially restructure and escape debt through this legal process. Choosing bankruptcy can be a beneficial option for both a large business or an individual in Washington.

What should you do to obtain debt relief before retirement?

Planning for retirement is important, but many Washington readers may need to first seek debt relief before they do anything else. Retirement can financially overwhelm a person, especially if he or she still has a number of debts to settle after they stop working. There are typically many beneficial ways that debt relief can be found.