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ACA could leave some Washington residents with medical debt

Struggles with finances can come about for any Washington family at any given moment. Unexpected expenses such as medical bills could leave an individual or household dealing with a significant monetary burden. Though insurance can sometimes help alleviate some of the balances associated with medical debt, the Affordable Care Act could leave some parties with high expenses.

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, was implemented in order to give more Americans access to health insurance. However, some individuals with low incomes may still be unable to access the benefits of such a program. Though there are different levels at which insurance policies can be purchased, many of those policies have high deductibles that consumers may have a difficult time paying themselves.

When averaged across many states, the average deductible under the ACA was $3000. However, it was also found that most households have less than that amount available to pay for medical expenses. As a result, dealing with health care bills could still be an issue for many families who are unable to meet their deductible limits, and they could continue to carry high amounts of medical debt.

Finding relief from medical debt could be a top priority for many Washington residents. Therefore, they may wish to look into certain options that could benefit their particular circumstances. Utilizing local resources that could provide them with legal information on bankruptcy and other debt management options could allow concerned parties to determine which relief paths may be viable for them on their way to financial freedom.

Source: USA Today, Medical debt will persist despite health law, Jayne O'Donnell and Paul Overberg, Jan. 15, 2014

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