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January 2014 Archives

Washington consumers should be careful of debt relief scams

Financial circumstances such as job loss or a disability can cause people to be overwhelmed with debt. When debt keeps on piling up, it's no wonder many Washington consumers wish to pursue debt relief. While clearing up debt alleviates stress, it's wise to be careful of possible debt relief scams. There are reliable options available for those who are in debt.

ACA could leave some Washington residents with medical debt

Struggles with finances can come about for any Washington family at any given moment. Unexpected expenses such as medical bills could leave an individual or household dealing with a significant monetary burden. Though insurance can sometimes help alleviate some of the balances associated with medical debt, the Affordable Care Act could leave some parties with high expenses.

Choosing bankruptcy in Washington can be a financial life lesson

Anyone can make money, but it takes willpower to save it. Some people are impulse buyers, and most of them end up with severe debt. Having large amounts of debt could lead to choosing bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy in Washington is one way to get debt relief so that a person can get back to being financially stable.

2014 may be the year to pay off credit card debt

When the new year rolls around, some consumers may resolve that this is their year -- they're going to pay down their debt. For Washington consumers, there couldn't be a better year to do so. With rates as low as they're likely to be for quite some time, it may be the best time to make a dent in credit card debt.

No end in sight to foreclosure woes in Washington

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act expired Dec. 31, though Congress could still retroactively file an extension. There are countless states struggling with what the expiration will mean for its residents, including Washington. Many residents across the nation have already lost their homes to foreclosure and sold off all their assets, some due to no fault of their own.